Trucking Software Features

Order processing

TransIT trucking software system allows you to take order through order processing system. This enables to enter quote, enter order manually, or through EDI. It has all the fields and features necessary to make a full fledged order processing system for the trucking industry such as origin, destination, date, time, etc. Our order processing is very intuitive so it is very easy to use.

Load planning & dispatch

TransIT trucking software features load planning & dispatch. Once the load is entered and processed this will avail for the dispatch. Dispatch can pre-plan or dispatch right away with just few clicks to the appropriate truck.

LTL orders

LTL order processing enables to process process Less than Truckload of cargo with multiple customers, and stops. You can have unlimited number or stops and customers per LTL load on a truck. Truck space utilization is also taken care of in the modules thus enable to efficiently transport loads to achieve greater profit.

Billing & invoice

Billing your customers and sending Invoicing to them is easy and just few clicks in TransIT. All you have to do is few clicks and it will generate your invoice with all details and send using preferred delivery method.  It also enables to track invoice progress and receive payments.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management allows you to have an idea of the vehicle being used or available. All features of the vehicles can be stored to identify to properly recognize the specific vehicle such as Engine, Make, Model, Length, Type, Axles, GVW, unladen weight  and more..Also, at all times you will be able to locate its precise location.

Fuel management

Fuel Management helps you to track your fuel expenses. You can use integrated fuel optimization to route and fuel at your preferred fuel stops. Further, all fuel purchases will be recorded appropriately to IFTA reporting purposes and future records.

Document Management

Document Management enables you to manage all your documents properly. Such as invoice, receipts, legal docs, tickets  and more..This can be easily looked up at a later stage by searching for these documents.

Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable allows you to identify your receivable and payable accounts and amounts. This help you to pay your dues on time and also help you receive payments on time.


Payroll enable you to pay your office employees and as well as Drivers and owner operators in just few clicks. We have made this process very user friendly thus avoiding all the hassles of processing payroll.

ACH direct deposit & check

TransIT enables you to direct deposit payroll and other transactions. This saves time and money in payroll processing. It also enables to print checks for various payments.

DOT compliance

For proper operation of a trucking company it is essential to comply with DOT regulations and requirements. TransIT offers everything to be compliant of DOT such as logs, driver records, violations and more.

Fully integrated trucking website

TransIT TMS comes with fully integrated trucking website. Which enables a company to display services offered, list jobs, recruit drivers, shipment tracking, client account, driver account and settlement, owner operator recruitment, owner operator account management and more. This is a unique feature unlike

Integrated HR

TransIT TMS integrated HR enables you to recruit Driver, Owner Operators, Employees, thru integrated job portal. It also enable to review resumes, schedule interviews, and hire employees.

Load tracking

TransIT features Load Tracking which enables to know where each load at any time. If you have website addon your customers will be able to track the load online.

Service/Vehicle Maintenance

Service enables to record all the service/vehicle maintenance records. You either have onsite facility or offsite repair facility TransIT is capable of recording everything you have done to a vehicle. TransIT also enables to schedule Periodic maintenance.

Truck routing

TransIT has partnered with Promiles to provide the truck routing. With promiles add on you will be able to generate routes and calculate miles for order quoting and ifta purposes.

EDI integration capable

TransIT TMS is capable of integrating EDI for your business. Should you have such need we would be able to integrate such system for your business as add on. Thus you will be able to further improve your business.

IFTA compliance

When it comes to IFTA most companies struggle to find the paperwork and add up all numbers to figure the reporting requirements. TransIT makes your life so easy by taking this headache out of your shoulder by automatically calculating all the reporting requirements. All you have to do is just use the generated report to file with your favorite IFTA sofware.

Integrated reports & analytics

Integrated report & analytics provides insights into your business. It shows your weak and strong points. Financial reports, Operational Reports, Employee reports, Vehicle Reports and more..