TransIT Freight: The Freight Market Place Disrupting the Freight Transportation

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Irving, TX TransIT, LLC, a renowned Transportation Management Systems provider based in Irving Texas, is going live with its groundbreaking freight market place called TransIT Freight. The marketplace is connecting and creating harmony between Shippers and Truckers.

While some shippers ship using freight brokers like 3PL, some shippers and customers ship using some freight platforms thinking they are not brokers. Often these are brokers as well and they charge a huge amount as fees in addition to a higher freight charges.  This is where the TransIT Freight is different. TransIT Freight is not a Freight Broker. It is a transportation platform where Shippers have control over the freight from the time they post and till the delivery.

One of the biggest problems Truckers face is that they get paid less for their efforts. An average Trucker works for 14 hours a day and gets a measly annual salary of about $38,000. On the other hand, a Shipper would complain of high charges from freight companies plus some other billings like having to pay for a freight quote, etc. Other times, they face difficulties in finding trucks to haul. Even when, either a Trucker or a Shipper chooses to use a Freight Broker, the broker charges them brokerage fees. In addition, the Trucker is suffering delayed and lower payments. Thus causing a shortage of truckers when needed.

TransIT Freight makes all these limitations a thing of the past. Here are the benefits of using TransIT Freight.

  • Zero brokerage, mailing, billing costs
  • Easy and secure payment system for Shippers
  • Shippers can post freights for free and get quotes almost instantly
  • Truckers get best freights, fast payments without having to go through the delayed process of mailing paperwork.

Moreover, Shippers and Truckers can meet to transact freight, allowing both parties to agree on the best deals suitable for themselves. In addition, TransIT Freight allows for transparency as Shippers and Truckers can read reviews about each other before deciding to transact. It is revolutionary, and acceptance is enormous. Many are already signing up and using the platform. Users can sign up to the platform by accessing this link

ABOUT TransIT, LLC: TransIT, LLC is an online Transportation Management Systems provider based in Irving, Texas. The company is renowned for its deployment of state-of-the-art technologies into the transportation industry, and the TransIT Freight is the latest of its innovation.


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TransIT, LLC

(972) 827-7869

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