Can you guide me in using TransIT Freight as a shipper?

First step as a shipper is to register yourself as a shipper by filling all the fields. Provide a Bank Account and a Credit Card in the account. These accounts can be used to deposit and pay the trucker once freight is successfully delivered. Next step is to post the freight with details. Your freight will receive many bids from truckers and you can choose whom you want to award the freight. At this point, you can award to the chosen bidder by clicking the Award button next to that bidder’s bid and pay a usage fee. After payment, the trucker will be able to accept the freight. You can pass the pickup numbers, Date, Time and pick up location through the messages. Once accepted you can make a deposit for the freight amount that we will hold until you decided to release it after the freight is delivered and delivery confirmation is uploaded.  If you are satisfied with the delivery you will go to that freight page and click on Release Payment.

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